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Why the personal service?

Do you have trouble finding a bra that fits?


I offer a personal bra fitting experience in a private space with no cold tape measures. Sometimes the High Street doesn't have what we need or the customer service we deserve.

The correct bra can slim your figure!


The right bra can have the effect of losing half a stone, as well as improving posture and the health of your breasts.

Would you like to boost your confidence?


Let me help you feel good and look your best.

I charge a low, one off joining fee for your first fitting then subsequent fittings are free.

Invest in your chest!



Who is behind Up Front and Personal?

My name is Billy Morrison, I live & work in Wiltshire. 

Contact me to discuss what I can do for you.

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 I’ve never had a bra fitting before. 

To get the current one, I made a wild guess with a tape measure.

My fitting, with Billy at Up Front and Personal, was less stressful and less awkward than I’d always imagined. 

The bras that fitted were very comfortable and easy to wear whereas the ones that didn’t fit were a little awkward and very clear that they weren’t right.

I would recommend it to my friends!

FG 15½ years old    

I just want to tell everyone about my experience with Billy Morrison and Up Front and Personal. Having been a late developer wearing bras and then finding out I was a 'A' cup with a very large back so a 40A cup at that, I was never very successful in finding pretty ones. The last lot I bought had straps so wide you would have thought I was a double G, but no, just an A cup.

I met Billy through a ladies networking group near where I live and when she told us at the group she was starting this new business, then I thought I would love to be a guinea pig. Even though I am only an 'A' cup. I thought maybe she could find me something more comfortable and pretty. 

We met up and had a chat. She looked at me in my bra and saw that it did not fit very well and after discussing my dress size she found some bras that I tried on. I dropped a size and went up 2 cup sizes. I am now a 38 C cup. I am over the moon. It fits, it is pretty, not very heavy bra straps and best of all I have acquired a waist because after I have drooped and scooped, everything is where it should be.  (see gallery above)

If like me, you have not had the best history with your bosoms or even if you have I can't recommend Billy more highly. At our networking group I have announced that I have been ‘Billied’ and how happy that has made me feel

Lizzie Humfress, Wiltshire


Thank you for yesterday’s bra fitting , I’m so pleased that I found you . 

Not only did you make me feel completely at ease standing in my bra but It was so refreshing that you were able to find my correct bra size just by looking at me. No cold measuring tapes wrapped against my skin with you .

I’m already in my new bra which feels so comfy and can’t wait to try out my new sports bra . 

I will certainly be back in touch for some more bras .  R

Thank you so much Billy for your great advice and lifting my breasts to somewhere I long forgot they were meant to be. The evening was fun, informative and of course full of beautiful bras! I would recommend this evening to all my friends and family!  (from a lady who was invited to a Bra Soiree by a friend)


I spent a brilliant evening among a small group of friends getting properly fitted by Billy. I hadn’t had so much fun in ages - we were all put immediately at ease and all came out looking and feeling great. I would whole-heartedly recommend Up Front & Personal. This is by far the best way to do underwear shopping! E

I am 66 and since my fitting with Billy, I realise that I have never in my life had a bra that actually fitted. Until now! (recent customer)


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